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Track and Field World Records

Track & Field World Records


I will edit the video with all the nw records after the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Track and & field world records record men mens event events 100 100m meters metres 200 200m 400 400m 800 800m mile 110hh 110 high hurdles 400h jav javelin disc discus shot put shotput throw throws high long triple jump jumps pole vault zelezny Asafa Powell Michael Johnson Yuriy Sedykh Wilson Kipketer Hicham El Guerrouj Xiang Liu Kevin Young Javier Sotomayor Sergey Bubka Mike Powell Jonathan Edwards Randy Barnes Jürgen Schult Yuriy Sedykh Jan Zelezný run race fast far strong funny comedy laugh hilarious great best amazing athletic performance highlight reel clip sport sports world best T&F music kanye west stronger timbaland timberlake 3 6 mafia chop me up madvillian money folder
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Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening HQ Ceremony water sport New
Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening HQ Ceremony water sport Stadium New
Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony [HQ] Beijing THE BEST Beijing 2008 Olympics
Opening Ceremony [HQ] Beijing THE BEST ONE WORLD ONE DREAM Beijing 2008 Olympic
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Weightlifting Wrestling Biathlon Bobsleigh Curling Ice Hockey Ceremony FIREWORKS
basketball martial arts soccer track field water sport olympics Beijing 2008 Olympics on Stadium Astro
watch 2008 beijing olympic opening ceremony. torch ceremony. flag ceremony. drummers, largest lcd screen
Beijing 2008 Olympic Game Opening Ceremony intro Slide Show Preview We are ready
Beijing 2008 - gameplay Shot Put Beijing 2008 in Google Earth 3D china beijing 2008 Olympic National stadium
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Beijing Olympics 2008: One World One Dream

Beijing Oxford Baby Kindergarten Rehearsal
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Tao Come Thai? Hu Jintao! - Stornello per Beijing 2008

'Sto pazzo di Hujntao
s'è scordato cos'è il Tao,
la sua funebre figura
fa presagio di sventura,
se la Cina si riarma
paga certo un grosso karma,
orsù dunque atleta caro,
resta a casa e stai al riparo.

Non per fare il menagramo
non per essere villano
non vorrei portare iella
ma la gente si ribella,
a stì giochi disgraziati,
che di sangue son lordati!
Che consiglio se pò dà?
Io direi di non andà!

E se poi vuoi respirare
a Pechino non andare,
ti sovrasta quella cappa
damme retta figlio: scappa!
Ma se tu sei ancora incerto,
mejo annà da un esperto!
Mio nipote che c'è annato
li polmoni s'è fregato!
Orsù dunque atleta caro,
resta a casa e stai al riparo!
Orsù dunque atleta caro,
resta a casa...

Hu Jintao Hu Jintao
s'è scordato il Tao
la sua funebre figura
presagio di sventura,
Hu Jintao Hu Jintao
s'è scordato il tao
Che consiglio se pò dà?
Io direi di non andà!
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The Onion: The Beijing Olympics - Are They A Trap?

'In The Know' panelists discuss whether our athletes will be able to escape the bamboo cages the Chinese government will try to imprison them in.
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Olympic Gold for China - Beijing 2008

We found where China's Logo for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games comes from!
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Team USA Basketball 2008 Mix

This is a mix I created of the 2008 USA Basketball Team.

Aug. 10: vs. China = W
Aug. 12: vs. Angola = W
Aug. 14: vs. Greece = W
Aug. 16: vs. Spain = W
Aug. 18: vs. Germany = W
Aug 24: FINALS

Song- "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco

People, please stop copying and reposting this video. I have already had 4 people do that. If you do it then it will be deleted immediately.
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